About Us

To sell measurement and control technology in Eastern Europe, it is not enough to act as an international trading partner. We support our customers with project development, on site and in their native language. In return, we can convey their needs to the manufacturers in Germany for an optimal solution.

The main idea of our company when it was founded in 2003 was to bring the modern automation components manufactured in Germany to the Eastern European electronics markets, to complete the product range with our own, individually tailored products, to carry out technical advice and complete customer projects take.

Different building components are used in the implementation of many technical projects. These must be planned and ordered by the customer. As is well known, establishing direct contact with suppliers can be problematic for many reasons. Possible difficulties include e.g. Language problems (starting with the phase of the first negotiations through to further technical support), lack of specific legal knowledge and differences in business mentalities.

The focus of our activity is motion technology in the areas of “device and mechanical engineering”, drive technology, positioning systems such as e.g. inclination sensors, angle encoders, displacement sensors, etc. On our website there is a technical glossary in Russian. All interested parties can have the technology-relevant terms for our products explained briefly and simply here.

Our employees, who have many years of professional experience in the areas of development, production and sales, collected in Germany and the CIS countries, are available to our customers with technical and commercial support (in their native language).

We are characterized by:

  • Expertise in technical sales
  • Bridging the linguistic and cultural barriers
  • Partner system integrator network on the Eastern European market
  • Project planning with the end user
  • Solutions from a single source
  • On-site support and warranty
  • Communication of the demand to the manufacturers
  • Bundling of retail logistics in one interface

Our concept

MegaSensor GmbH, as a German company, offers manufacturers in the EU an established basis for opening up the Eastern European markets. Building up a network of partners who can provide support in Eastern Europe is a task that MegaSensor implements professionally for many manufacturing companies. Our employees are at home in both cultures – besides German and Russian, they also speak English, Belarusian and Ukrainian. Therefore, the end customers can be supported in the conception beyond the trading and sales services. MegaSensor sometimes takes on the entire project planning.
With technical questions and development tasks, MegaSensor acts as a link to the Western European manufacturers and independently realizes the entire logistics including customs clearance and remains the only trading partner for the manufacturers. On-site partner companies of MegaSensor stand by the end customer as a service center, grant a guarantee and provide technical support. The close cooperation enables the shortest possible chain in the international sales of industrial technology. From the product ranges of the best German manufacturers, MegaSensor develops complete solutions from a single source for end customers in Eastern Europe that are both logistically and economically optimal.

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality automation components from well-known German manufacturers.